Beachfarmer "I'm a bitter man with a peg leg and propensity for sheep"
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I'm a bitter man with a peg leg and a propensity for sheep.I have the total b!tchen Camaro and I'm gettin better at driving it with my peg. Oh yea and the casette player is top of the line with automatic rewind baby. Frickin A yah I still smoke Marlboro. Is there any other smoke dudes. I'm doin pretty good, except the other day somebody slashed the tires on my house. It's OK though. When I ran out of bricks the Hyndai engine block worked killer. Speaking of killer, ladies, did I mention I have a water bed. Yeah Baby! And the heater works most of the time, you just got to jiggle the wire. There's no danger of cave-ins either. I totally moved it to the side that's supported by the Hyndai block. I put the bean bags and milk crate shelves on the brick side. My Daddy didn't raise no fools. Speaking of Daddy, if anybody sees him tell him we're gonna have words. I was five when he ran out on Momma and me, so I couldn't do much then. But now I'm 46 and almost graduated, I'm comin after him and Momma's Looney Tune Drinking Gl Collection. You mess with me that's one thing. But I just get livered when anybody messes with Momma or Bugs! That just totally reminded me I gotta go by Momma's. I gotta get the rest of my stuff out of my old room. I think the brick side of my new pad can take my bottle collection. I'll just weed out the Bud bottles and keep the cly ones like Heinekin and MGD and stuff. Well I gotta get back to the sheep. I'm sure they're getting lonely. I wanna bring my Appee for Destruction tape but I think they're feelin the Priest more lately. Anyway Rock on losers! Maybe I'll catch ya at the alley playin vids. Byob..and your own beers too..shahha. Ryche and Roll and stay b!tchen! The Beachfarmer For there is no such great beauty which hath not some strangeness in proportion. (Shakespeare or Byron....I honestly don't remember which)..It was Bacon, It was Bacon..YEAH!. I LOVE quirky. I (really) don't find Pamela Anderson attractive. Brutally honest, even if it hurts a little is so appreciated. Worst date ever: Everything going well at first, then she drops the "N" word and starts spouting anti-semitic garbage. I don't care if you're Athena herself...GAME OVER. Best date ever: We both decide to leave pretentious party, kick off our shoes (my pumps were killing me), walk on the beach hand in hand talking until sunrise (covering ecology, silent movies, the meaning of life, knock-knock jokes, art history, football, you name it). A respectable short kiss at the end and thirty minutes later a 3 hour phone call. No gossips or celebrity watchers please. That is unless they are doing something incredibly artistic or charitable. I'm mildly interested in who's doing what, but could not care less about who's doing who! I've heard that the lowest caliber of conversation is about the personal business of other people. A step up from that is discussing current events. The most noble of discussion is that of ideas. Be a little skinny, a little overweight, slightly opionated, willing to share, willing to listen, smarter than I with a better job....or not, treat service people well, respect everyone who merits it, bring your ideas and an openess for life and laughter, and see what happens. ♪♥♫♥~Ƚǐḟẽ ḭṩ ßȅάϋȶḭḟṹĻ~♥♫♥♪ I AM P░E░A░C░E░F░U░L "(◠‿◠)✯✫..•°*”˜˜”*°•.ƸӜƷ
Profession: Jester

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